Student Fall Retreats

Student Fall Retreats

Three Events | One Message

PreTeen Retreat

November 9/2019 One Day Retreat Starting Saturday 8:00am - 3:30pm

5th - 6th Grade

Cost $20 - Day retreat at the church.
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Middle School Retreat

November 8-9 Weekend Retreat starting Friday night at 6pm and ending Saturday at 4:00pm

7th - 8th Grade

Cost $40 - Overnight stay at the Church and surrounding area
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High School Retreat

November 23-24 Weekend Retreat at Camp Wyoming. Saturday from 8 am to Sunday 3pm

9th - 12th Grade

Cost $50: Includes all meals, lodging, and activities at camp Wyoming
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A student’s world is flying at warp speed.  There are so many distractions and so many messages being communicated that it can be hard to find perspective.  Retreats allow for students to step back for a second, remove some distractions, and focus on what is important.  Each of our retreats will be tailored for each age group so that they can connect to trusted adults who will help them navigate issues in life, peers who are walking right there with them, and a message that will resonate with who they are becoming.  

In The Making:  We are all heading somewhere, trying to be somebody.  We see the destination as the thing that matters.  But it is not the destination that defines your faith and who you become; it’s what happens along the way-what happens in the making.   

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