Rooted (High School)

Rooted For Students is a modified version of the experience we give our adults.  This is an 10 week discipleship experience that is designed to launch student’s faith and elevate their life into a growing relationship with Jesus. During this 10 weeks students will engage in…

  • 10 minute devotions each day that set the foundation to our discussions on the weekend.
  • honest discussions about strongholds in their life
  • a prayer experience
  • discovering their giftedness and opportunity to connect in on going service opportunities
  • an evangelism plan
  • discussions about the deepest questions about our faith

Students who sign up for Rooted will meet every Sunday morning at 11:15a for discussion.  Students are required to attend 8 out of the 10 weeks.  Because of the depth of this session, we are asking for students to sign up and commit to the 10 weeks so they can get the most out of it.  However, while students will be deep diving, it will be just as beneficial for new students as well as students who have come to church for a long time!

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