Antioch Oelwein Campus

Christmas Eve Services - 4pm and 6pm
Sunday Celebration Worship Services begin January 5

Opening Christmas Eve 2019

Beginning this fall, Antioch Christian Church will exist as one church in multiple locations, and Oelwein is the site of our first multi-site campus. The leadership of Antioch leads all campuses, and those who become members are members of Antioch Christian Church regardless of which campus they attend. All campuses share the same mission:  
“Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”

God is already working in Oelwein, and we are excited to participate in His work there. To learn more about the new campus, or to find out about how you can help us launch, please see the FAQs below or fill out the form below and our Campus Pastor, Adam Graunke, will get in touch with you!

Adam and Heidi Graunke

Adam joined the Antioch staff in 2018. He and his wife, Heidi, have three children. Adam received a Bachelor of Theology from Ozark Christian College and a Master of Divinity from Cincinnati Christian University. He has served in youth ministry, preaching ministry, and two years of missionary work in India. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and watching football.

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The short answer is that we believe God led Antioch to start a campus in Oelwein. God brought the idea (starting a campus in Oelwein) to the Antioch elders in a way only the Holy Spirit could. It is our Elders’ desire to follow the God wherever He leads.

In a recent demographic study of the area, “finding a good church” ranked in the top three concerns that were above the national average.

Yes! Antioch is now a multi-site church, meaning we are one church in multiple locations. The leadership leads all campuses, and those who become members are members of Antioch regardless of which campus they attend.

All campuses of Antioch share the same mission: Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

All campuses share the same core values:

  • The Bible is Relevant to Your Life
  • Life Change Happens Best in Relationships
  • Partnerships are Powerful
  • You are Made to Make a Difference

These same values guide our ministries in Oelwein.

Our first services will be Christmas Eve at 4pm and 6pm! We will begin Sunday Celebration Worship Services January 5!

While the building will look somewhat different, the feel of the services will be the same: inspirational worship, solid biblical teaching, an inviting atmosphere (including coffee and donuts!), and a dynamic children’s ministry.

The messages will be shown via video projection – the same messages, the same week.

Music will be live, led by Antioch Oelwein’s worship team.

Currently, Pastor Adam is focusing on building relationships and spreading the word about the new campus in a variety of ways.

He is also working to recruit those who will become the Launch Team.

Once we open for services, Pastor Adam will facilitate worship services, ensuring that all aspects function how they should, recruit and train Rooted facilitators and continuing Life Group leaders, and will perform normal pastoral duties: planning events and service opportunities, weddings, funerals, etc.

Pastor Adam is meeting people, building relationships, and forming the Launch Team.

The church building is being updated to reflect Antioch’s style and atmosphere.

The Launch Team is being recruited and trained for their roles.

The word is getting out in Oelwein!

The Launch Team is a group of volunteers who come together for the purpose of serving in the various ministries needed at launch, including areas such as hospitality, ushers, safety team, children’s ministry, and music team.

They will be forming this spring and will be training through the summer for their various jobs.

It is a temporary team: once we are well-established and additional volunteers have been raised up, the launch team will be dissolved and the members will be free to continue to serve however they’d like.

Children’s ministry: workers for all levels of classes, from birth to 5th grade.

Hospitality: prepping/filling coffee and donuts, prepping communion

Ushers: passing communion and offering trays during the service, meeting and greeting people in the worship center prior to the service

Safety: (there is a special process for those interested) provide assistance to those who need it in just about whatever way they need, be stationed in various parts of the building during services.

Music: leading worship through music, whether vocal or instrumental (or both!)

Technical Arts: Sound and lights for the worship service

Attenders: come and join the crowd, helping boost the attendance and helping newcomers feel welcome.

Each area will require training, and, in some cases, a background check.

Please pray for all aspects of the launch of the campus: the launch team, the building, the training, and the launch.

Consider being part of the launch team: If you currently serve in any of the areas listed in the previous question, why not bring those skills up to Oelwein to help us get started?  We’d ask for a 3-6 month commitment, but it’s vitally important that our new volunteers and members in Oelwein know how Antioch does things.

If you’re not sure how you can help, and all other categories of the launch team aren’t your thing, you can be an attender!  Yes, we need people to help fill the seats, which creates energy and momentum among those in attendance.  It will be an easy and natural way to help, to meet people, and to share about why you love Antioch!