5-5-5 Daily Devotions

Because we believe that the Bible is relevant to our lives, Antioch offers 5 sermon-based devotions weekly that will help you connect with God through his written word, the Bible.

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Here's the Challenge


5-5-5 Daily Devotions points you to a Bible reading from this week’s sermon, where you can observe what is happening in the Scripture you read. Who’s writing? What is the author saying? Who was the original audience and what did it mean to them? You may need to read the context (what comes before or after).


Because the Bible is relevant to our lives, the next step is thinking about what God wants us to learn from what we just read. Is there an action I need to take, an attitude I need to change, a sin I need to repent of? Invite the Holy Spirit in to teach you and convict you and lead you.


Now it’s time to have a genuine conversation with God. Tell God what you are thinking. Express what you are feeling. Be thankful. Ask God for what you need. Trust God to provide. Ask God to help you follow Jesus faithfully. Often, you can pray right out of the Bible verses you just read.

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