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Ready to Launch Your Group?

5-5-5 Daily Devotions

Because we believe that the Bible is relevant to our lives, Antioch offers 5 sermon-based devotions weekly that will help you connect with God through his written word, the Bible. 

How Can I Best "Gather" a Group?

  • Pray!
    • Ask God who he wants you to invite. Ask God to help them be open to investing their time in growing spiritually in your group.
  • Invite Personally!
    • Who in your life would benefit from this study? Invite them!
  • Participate in the Connection Event!
    • We are hosting a Connection Event on the weekends of:
      • Sep 4/5
      • Sep 11/12
    • If your group is open (welcoming new members) and approved, you can have your Life Group listed to sign up new members from Antioch.


5 Marks of a Healthy Group

  1. We focus on a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. We love each other as Jesus has loved us.
  3. We are here to support each other, not “fix” each other.
  4. We maintain each other’s trust by keeping confidentiality. What is shared in the group stays in the group. The only exception is when someone threatens to injure themselves or others.
  5. We keep our commitments to the group—including regular attendance and being prepared.

Helpful Suggestions for Facilitators

  • Trust God! Remember, God is the source of motivation and strength, and he cares even more than you do! So ask God to bless you, and he will provide the strength and opportunity to succeed!
  • Partner up! It’s much better to have a co-facilitator who can encourage and substitute for you. This allows for many to use their gifts and no one to get overwhelmed.
  • Prepare personally! Set a good example of diligently listening intently to the sermon and experiencing the growth through the 5-5-5 Daily Devotions. Pray about what questions you can ask.
  • Be open! God wants to use you as you are—where you are in your own journey to connect with others.
  • Be safe! Honor each other by listening, encouraging, praying, and keeping confidentiality as a non-negotiable principle.
  • Encourage Participation. Ask good questions and listen well, providing space for everyone to contribute.
  • Have fun! This is not a boring class or a religious ritual. This is the family of God enjoying his creation, wisdom, and relationships. Eat together, laugh together, cry together, play together, prayer together.
  • Pray often! Thank God for what he has done, ask God for what you need, and trust that God wants to bless and participate in the lives of everyone in your group!

Childcare Options

  • Recruit someone to do children’s ministry while your group is meeting.
  • Hire a babysitter. Have each member pitch in.
    • NOTE: Be generous to your sitter. You want them back. If you cheat them, word will spread!
  • Allow older children to supervise younger children with adults checking in.
  • Have group members trade off in watching the children.
    • NOTE: The previous options could call for the children to meet at a different location from the group.
  • Allow the children to take part in the group. Offer topics and activities where everyone can participate.
  • Have each member arrange for their own childcare.
  • Trade off childcare with another group that meets on a different night.
    • NOTE: The harder it is for new members to arrange childcare, the less likely they will join.