Sunday | March 22 (Marion & Oelwein Campus) | 5:30pm-7:00pm

What is Discover Antioch?

Discover who we are, what God is doing, and how you can grow with us. Discover is an important aspect of getting involved at Antioch. You will go backstage and behind the scenes to witness firsthand how growing in a relationship with Jesus comes to life in at Antioch.

We will share our vision and mission and then you will be guided through an all-access tour experience of our ministry. Many of our other pastors will share how we can help you and your family take the next steps in your faith!

Your Discover Experience will include:

  • Come for dinner!

  • Meet the Pastors of Antioch!

  • Learn about our core values!

  • Discover YOUR next step!

  • Bring your kids! (Childcare is provided!)

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