Children's Ministry COVID Response FAQ

The staff and volunteers of Antioch Children’s Ministry are eager to reconnect with your children on our campuses during all weekend services. Because of COVID-19, we are implementing protocols to protect you and your children. Parents – here’s what you can expect when you return to church.


Q. What precautions will be taken to ensure my child’s protection?

A. The following protocols will be implemented.


  • Class sizes will be limited to allow for social distancing in the classroom. When a class size reaches limit, that classroom will be closed; children are welcome to sit with parents in the Worship Center.
  •     Social distancing will be practiced.
  •     Hand sanitizer in every classroom.
  •     Out of an abundance of caution, children and volunteers will have temperatures checked with a forehead thermometer.
  •     Extra cleaning of all hard surfaces and toys before every service.

Q. What is meant by social distancing in Children’s Ministry?

A. Although social distancing will be practiced and encouraged, it cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances.


  •     One-way controlled traffic flow for classroom drop-off and pick-up.
  •     Floor markings to maintain 6-feet distance at check-in and pick-up.
  •     One parent per child for check-in and pick-up.
  •     “Sit spots” placed on the floor, 6-feet apart, where children will be encouraged to sit.

Q. What happens if someone has a fever?

A. Good question. We will follow the guidelines of medical practices and childcare services. Any person found to have a temperature over 100.40 will be asked to leave.


Q. How will rooms and toys be sanitized?

A. Using disinfectant spray and/or wipes known to kill coronavirus.


  •    Rooms will be sanitized after children leave and before the next group of children enter.
  •    Toys, tables, chairs will be cleaned before each service. 
  •    Each service will have its own set of supplies and will not be shared with other services.

Q. What about masks?

A. Children will not be asked to wear masks, but they are welcome to wear them if they would like. Elementary Children’s Ministry volunteers will wear masks when social distancing is not possible. Nursery and preschool (Infants – PreK) volunteers will not wear masks.


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