I'm New Here

"Building Faith, Family and Friendship"

That phrase is more than a slogan. Each word tells a part of the story of Antioch Christian Church.

Faith is our foundation. We are simply a group of real people; moms, dads, husbands, wives, grandparents, widows, widowers, singles, students and children who have found hope and peace in Jesus Christ. We have found the answers to life’s questions through our faith in Jesus Christ.

Family describes how we function. We operate on the basis of relationships. Antioch Christian Church is a place where you will find opportunity to be connected to other caring people. All of us have a need to know and be known, our family is a place where that need can be filled.

Friendship is our goal. The church was not created just to meet the needs of those who already attend. We care about the needs of our community and people around the world. Building faith, family and friendships…that’s who we are. Why not join us? Antioch is a place where you fit in!

Lead Pastor John Seitz

What to Expect

When you show up for the first time, you’ll find a large building with two large parking lots, one on the North and one on the East.

You can choose any of the three entrances:
The North Entrance is closest to the Student’s Area.
The Children’s Entrance and the Main Entrance are both on the southeast and both provide easy drive-up access.
The Main Entrance is where you’ll find the Information Center and the Worship Center.
The Children’s Entrance is where you’ll find the Children’s Lobby and Coffee Shop.

During the Worship Service:
…we have a dedicated worship band leading us in worship.
…we have preaching directly from the Bible each week.
…we share Communion with all believers.
…we finish the teaching time with a time to respond. If you would like, we would love to visit and pray with you.


Do you teach from the Bible?
Yes! We are deeply grateful for the truth found in God’s Word and eager to let it continue to lead us into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!

Are your Saturday and Sunday services the same?
Yes! All of our four services (Saturday at 6:00pm, Sunday at 8:30am, 9:45am and 11:15am) provide inspiring music, Bible teaching, and separate children’s programming. Come early and enjoy complimentary coffee and donuts!

Can my children attend church with me?
Yes! Your children may attend the worship service with you, but we LOVE our children’s ministry and highly recommend you let your children experience our spiritual-growth focused, age-appropriate programming!

Can I wear something comfortable to worship?
Sure! Some like to be comfortable when they worship. Others prefer to be dressed formally. Generally speaking, we’re pretty casual. We’ll leave the details up to you!

Do you practice baptism?
Yes! If you are still exploring what you believe, don’t worry – we’ll let you participate in baptism when you are ready. If you are already a believer, but you haven’t chosen to be baptized as a decision you made personally, we’ll give you an opportunity at each service to obey Jesus in this way. The Bible teaches us to believe in Jesus, repent and turn to God, say publicly we believe in Jesus (“The Great Confession”), and be baptized. Baptism is an immersion under water that signifies a burial of the old life and a resurrection into a new life.

Do you take communion?
Yes! We invite all believers to share communion with us each week. We honor the privilege of proclaiming Jesus’ death until He comes again and believe it draws us close to Him and each other as the “body of Christ.”