5-5-5 Daily Devotions

Each week, we offer 5 sermon-based devotions for the week that will inspire you to continue your journey of connecting with God, his church, and your purpose!

Note: 5-5-5 will return in November.

Here’s the challenge:



The 5-5-5 Daily Devotions points you to a Scripture from that week’s sermon.

Observation – 5 Minutes

The story or thought you are going to read was not originally about you. Observe what happened, who was writing, who was the original audience, and why God, out of all the potential options, might have left this story in the Bible for you! HINT: for a better understanding, make sure you read the context (what comes before and after)!

Application – 5 Minutes

The Bible is relevant to your life! After observing what the Scripture says, now it is time to apply it to your life! How can what I observed help me love God more? How can what I observed help me love my neighbor as I love myself?

Prayer – 5 Minutes

Great job! Now that you have taken time to listen, have a genuine conversation with God, the “Father of your soul.” Tell him what you are thinking. Express what you are feeling. Be thankful. Ask for what you need. And trust your loving Father to provide.

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